"An education forged in flames 

yields life lessons that cannot be broken"

Author of the Donatus Institute Book Series

My Story

Let me begin by making an honest confession: growing up, I never had hopes or dreams of becoming an author.  In fact, I can truthfully say that writing books was the farthest thing from my mind throughout middle and high school.  After all, I can't recall a single fiction book that I was assigned to read during my teen years that I enjoyed.  So if reading books wasn't something I enjoyed, why would I ever think about writing books?

To be clear, it's not that I was anti-book.  I have many memories of my dad reading to me as a child: classic fairy tales, fantasy adventures, and best of all, Dr. Seuss books.  But as I grew older, why would I want to sit and read when there were sports to be played?

But fast forward to adulthood, and one day everything changed.  I was out on a walk when a story unexpectedly drifted into my mind.  Intrigued, over the next week or two I mulled over the story, working out the plot, characters, and setting.  And as I worked out the story in my mind, I came upon two realizations.  First, it wasn't just one book that was in my head.  It was three.  But second, I came to realize that I had to write the story.  It was too important not to write.  So I hunkered down in front of my computer, and a year later, after a lot of typing, deleting, and re-typing, the Donatus Institute series was completed.

The Donatus Institute trilogy is the story of an older brother who learns through deep pain and an expert teacher what in life is worth holding to with all the strength he has.  Yet his greatest lesson occurs at the most ironic place: the Donatus Institute.  Holding an appeal for both teens and adults, the Donatus Institute books combine grit and determination with a healthy dose of intrigue and mystery, all in a low fantasy setting, resulting in a plot that is as unforgettably stirring as it is inspiring.

Beyond the books, I'm a pretty simple guy.  A proud Midwesterner, for me a perfect day consists of playing sports and hanging out with family...and hopefully working up enough of an appetite to enjoy several big meals.

I appreciate you stopping by the website and taking interest in the Donatus Institute series. 

Andy P. Knight


New Beginnings


Darkness Revealed

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The Final Stand



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